In a stroke of incredible luck, a lottery player from Massachusetts hit the jackpot, winning a whopping $4 million in cash prize on Friday, March 29th.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Star Country Store & Deli, in the heart of Westport, Massachusetts. The ticket, priced at a modest $10, displayed the enticing "4,000,000 BONUS BUCKS" lottery prize, with odds of winning set at one in 5.376 million, making the victory all the more extraordinary.

Although the winner has not come forward or has been revealed by the Mass State Lottery, we do known that the lottery player took home the lump sum of $2.6 million after taxes.

Prem Pattel, a store employee at Star Country Store & Deli, expressed overwhelming joy and gratitude upon learning of the win. "We’re so very blessed and happy for whoever the winner is. This is such great news for them, for Westport and also for our store, we truly needed this," Pattel remarked.

However, when asked about the identity of the fortunate winner, Pattel remained uncertain, indicating that they, too, eagerly await to see who the mystery winner is.

For a small convenience store like Star Country Store & Deli, the sale of a multi-million dollar winning ticket is nothing short of extraordinary, and will also be a hefty pay-day for them as well. Patel believes they'll get a 1% payment from the Mass State Lottery as a congratulations for initially selling the winning ticket. This would result in a $40,000 bonus check for Pattel and his family.

But the windfall of good fortune didn't end there. Another lucky player, who purchased their ticket from Onset Village Market in Wareham, struck gold with the "Mass Cash" prize, walking away with a handsome $100,000. This number selection game boasted odds of winning at one in 324,632, making the victory a remarkable achievement in its own right.

For now, the identity of the $4 million winner remains a mystery, leaving the residents of Westport eagerly anticipating the unveiling of the fortunate individual. Until then, the Star Country Store & Deli continues to bask in the glow of this extraordinary win.

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