The year 2021 ended on a positive note for the Massachusetts Lottery. Scratch ticket sales and spending on Keno set records for the last week of 2021. Combined with ticket sales for an expanding Powerball jackpot, the Massachusetts Lottery raked in more than $145.3 million in lottery sales.

From Sunday, December 26, 2021, through Saturday, January 1, 2022, the Massachusetts Lottery took in $145,329,765, eclipsing the previous weekly sales record of $139.47 million the week ending January 16, 2021, according to Lottery officials.

The Lottery sold more than $97.88 million worth of scratch tickets during the last week of last year, edging out the previous weekly record of $93.16 million set during the final week of 2020.

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Did you win anything, though? I sure as heck didn't. Granted, I don't purchase a lot of scratch tickets, so my chances of hitting are somewhat less than those of someone who does play with greater frequency – but couldn't I get lucky just once?

My friend in Fairhaven won two grand on a scratch ticket last week. My 91-year-old aunt hits all of the time. I have never won more than $10 on a scratch ticket, and that was only once or twice. I realize you have to play to win, but how many hundreds of dollars do people pay just to win a hundred or two back? And is that really winning?

When I was a kid and the Massachusetts State Lottery was new, my next-door neighbor became one of the first weekly million-dollar winners. So I've got friends, neighbors, and relatives who are lucky. Why can't I be lucky, too?

What is the largest amount you have ever won on a scratch ticket? Have your winnings outpaced your contributions to the Lottery system? Is there a secret to winning, such as to know which scratch tickets to purchase and from who?

Any tips and advice for winning on scratch tickets would be greatly appreciated. Hey, if I win, I might take you to lunch or something.

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