Tyler Glenn, frontman of Neon Tress has been asked about his sexuality a handful of time in the past but until now he has never opened himself up to fully answering that question.


In a recent interview Tyler Glenn was asked about the inspiration behind Neon Trees newest album "Pop Phycology". Tyler explained the album was like therapy for him he was really working on finding happiness by facing some of his demons, taking a dark moment in his life and turning it into a positive. Tyler further explained that dark moment in his life in Rolling Stone to being when he finally realized he was gay.

It is official the frontman of Neon Trees, Tyler Glenn who was born and raised Mormon has come out about his sexuality and instead of denying he is finally admitting to being gay. Tyler goes on to say in Rolling Stone the hardest feeling for him was knowing he was in love with his straight friends but dating girls. Tyler started to tell his family, friends, band mates, and ect. back in October 2013. Congrats to Tyler for finding a way to make something he struggled with become something he now finds happiness in.

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