Many of our LGBTQ youth on the SouthCoast are not only dealing with their orientation alone but are also some of the hardest hit in these times and are in need of food.

There are many groups of people struggling on the SouthCoast, but this one really hits close to home. Growing up as a member of the very small LGBTQ community here on the SouthCoast, I know how lonely it can feel, and adding on the uncertainty of where your next meal is coming from only makes it feel as if the entire world is against you.

It's important to have events even during this crazy time. Walk in the Park is happening at Buttonwood Park on July 23. Here is the Facebook post with all the information for the event, which will require masks but will allow for social distancing.

What's amazing about this is that the first 25 young people that arrive will receive a $50 gift card so they can get food.

This event is especially important since almost all events for Pride month in June were canceled due to the pandemic.

I'm excited to see such events taking place on the SouthCoast because we didn't have anything like it when I was younger.

Hopefully, we can organize safely to ensure the well being of our LGBTQ community during this crazy time.

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