For the LGBTQ community, the month of June is usually filled with celebration, parading down big city streets just being who they were born to be.

However, this year will be different.

Every June is usually a calendar filled with events across the country and right here on the SouthCoast. While many will gather using virtual means this year, what Pride stood for has changed a little.

As we have witnessed across our country in the last week, there is a need to speak out not just for equality within the LGBTQ community but for equality for our races as well. It's interesting how the pride flag is all the colors of the rainbow.

The LGBTQ community's cause will broaden and echo for more and more people this June and moving forward, echoing the message of equal treatment for everyone and speaking up.

I think many of us have been pent up in our houses and have some much-needed positive energy to release and with which to do some good.

What are some creative things you are doing to not only celebrate Pride Month but also echo the struggles of our Black community?

What does Pride Month now mean to you? While the pandemic has limited what we can do this year, how will you change how you celebrate pride in the future?

No matter how you celebrate make sure you speak out loud and proud. I can't wait to see your photos all over social media.

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