It's fair to say I have been out of touch with the very community I consider myself to be a part of, the SouthCoast LGBTQ community. It's time I reconnected, and what better time than during Pride Month?

We are now in a world where one community should really be one with all others and the continued fight for equality for not only the LGBTQ community but also for our Black communities and any underserved minorities.

While this week the LGBTQ community leaped over a big hurdle with a landmark Supreme Court decision that ruled someone cannot be fired from a job based on their sexual orientation, the fight is far from over.

In this week's She Shed, I wanted to talk with someone who has been not only a member of the SouthCoast LGBTQ community but takes an active role in developing resources for that community to feel safe and welcomed.

Her name is Traci Welch and she is the Events Committee Chairperson for the SouthCoast LGBTQ Network. She has many other titles as well and we get into what the network actually does and what Traci and the organization have been doing during the pandemic. Since many of the safe spaces for our community are closed, it's been increasingly difficult to deal with emotions that may come along with coming out or going through a transition.

I'm so thankful that Traci came in and shared so much information with me. As mentioned during the She Shed, I wanted to make sure I shared the links to some of the resources she mentioned.

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