There are some stories that you hear about and just have to marvel at how grounded and well adjusted some people are. Though I have no idea how I would handle such a situation, I can only hope that it would be something like this woman.

Evelyn Bonilla and her now ex-husband Henry Veguilla had been together for years. They were married and had two children together. But somewhere along the line Evelyn began to suspect that her husband was gay.

As she told the Huffington Post she had her suspicions for nearly a year before she confronted Henry after finding email correspondence between him and a man he'd met during a business trip to New York on the family computer.

And though you'd picture an angry confrontation with lots of yelling, Evelyn says she was actually relieved when she read the emails,

because it confirmed for me what I suspected and it validated that I wasn't crazy. That was the moment of truth for the both of us."

And her patience and understanding seem to only grow from there. The family is very open about the experience with Veguilla documenting everything on his website Stumbling Out Of The Closet.

Though they both say the road to get there was "very painful" the two have remained the best of friends and are "at a very good place now." Eveyln says she chose "love, compassion and understanding" for her best friend over anger and resentment.

I, for one, am incredibly moved by that. Marriages fall apart every day for a variety of reasons, but to be faced with something that huge in the life of your family and still come out with love and respect for each other is massively impressive.


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