When you attend as many weddings as I do, you tend to discover certain things that you enjoy more than others.

One not-so-new trend that I really love is shining the spotlight on the guests that have been married the longest. I'll usually invite all of the married couples in the crowd onto the dance floor and play a song like Kenny Rogers "Through The Years." After the first chorus, I'll announce, "If you've been married less than two hours, please leave the dance floor," and the newlyweds leave. I'll work my way up to five years, 10 years, 25 years, etc. I'll keep upping the ante until all of the couples have left the floor except the one that has been married the longest. The bride may sometimes give them her bouquet.

I'll never miss an opportunity to ask the couple to share a piece of advice with the newlyweds, and the old folks never disappoint.

One newer trend that I saw for the first time at a wedding on the Cape was a "message in a bottle" theme. Instead of signing a guest book, guests write marriage advice on a message, then tuck it inside a bottle. The couple will then read the advice on their first anniversary.

I was thinking of doing something similar for Maddie and her fiancé Ross. Using the Fun 107 app, I was hoping to get members of our audience to record marriage advice to the soon-to-be Mr and Mrs. Levine. If you are a newlywed, what advice would you give them to get through their first year? If you've been married for 10, 15, 20 or more years, what is your secret? My goal is to play these for Maddie on her final show this Friday before she leaves for her wedding.

To send her some audio, just open the Fun 107 app, hit the dropdown menu in the upper left hand corner, and select "Submit Audio."

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