At first, I thought this whole thing was just a few guys in their basement in Boston trying to get attention. Looks like the Straight Pride Parade is moving forward and is happening at the end of August. Permits from the City of Boston have been granted.

The next hurdle for this group that calls itself "Super Happy Fun America" is getting money to pay for the event. A few weeks ago, they sent out an email of potential corporate sponsors.

Netflix was apparently one of those potential sponsors, and they aren't happy that their logo was being used in a mass e-mail the organization sent out.

Lots of press has been featuring the story of the Straight Pride parade attempt, including the daytime television show The View.

They have also been asking for donations to cover the cost of their permit. The current goal is $5,000. They are at just over half that amount now.

Apparently, they blame the "fame" they have received from being the first to do this on why a permit is so expensive.

I'm all for the freedom to show your pride, but I think it's the way they are going about it that gets under my skin. My personal opinion is that a few members of this committee may be a little delusional.

This Straight Pride parade is slated to take place on August 31. Doubtful they are going to be able to pull it off.

What do you think?

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