Not that you should need an excuse to take a nap, but just in case you feel guilty about it, you won't be the only one checking out for an hour or two today.

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Being on an early morning schedule for whatever your job is can be tiring, especially around 4 p.m. Honestly, I wish I could take naps, but I just don't have time to. Being up at 4 a.m. has its good points, though; I feel like I have a head start on my day that nobody else in my house has. And I love being done with my workday before most everyone else I know.

I don't think there is a better day to declare #nationalnappingday than today, the day after daylight savings when we lose an hour of sleep. Everyone knows that a nap can improve your mood, energy level and creativity. So don't feel guilty, go to sleep. 😴

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