Napping is such a common thing that many adults and children do it regularly.  It's even been said to help brain development!

I love napping and appreciate whenever I get the time to sleep for an hour or two. But according to, it seems that we need to be structuring our naps more!

The best napping time range for brain benefits would be between 10 to 20 minutes long. Now that's hard for me since I love long naps but apparently this power nap boosts alertness and energy!  Because it's such a short time for a nap, your brain hasn't fully started into a deep sleep, it's more like a resting stage. It's the perfect nap for a quick pick me up!  Try to keep your nap less than 20 minutes long since studies show that if you sleep for just a half an hour, you can easily get that horrible groggy feeling instead of energy.

If you decided to nap for 60 minutes, this helps your brain to remember facts.  But be careful, depending on how much your body needs for sleep, some people might still feel groggy even after the full 60 minutes.

Now if you nap for 90 minutes, that is considered a full sleep cycle. It is said that it helps with creativity and emotional and procedural memory. Apparently sleeping this long helps avoid sleep inertia, which makes it easier to wake up.  Sounds like a good plan to me!

I say we should test these theories, naps for everyone!