Nantucket has been getting a lot of attention this year and one of it's mansions just sold to the founder on a big name sports media company.

You may not know his name but you know his media company, Dave Portnoy, the founder of the well known Barstool Sports

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Portnoy recently purchased a Nantucket mansion that is so big it actually takes up two lots on Monomoy Road. He bought for a record breaking $42 Million. Which not only breaks a sale record for the island but also for the state of Massachusetts.

Their are some pretty amazing amenities that come with this massive purchase including and underground tunnel connecting the two lots that the estate sits on.

As if sitting waterfront wasn't enough their is of course a fabulous pool that was installed in 2019. Oh, and for an extra $2 Million he is getting it fully furnished.

Portnoy took to X (which we know as Twitter)  to share his excitement in the recent purchase,

" The best day of my year was heading to the island for vacation. The worst day was taking the ferry back home. Once Barstool started taking off I dreamed of buying a place where I could see the ferry come and go and have privacy because seeing the ferry leave makes me appreciate every second I got to spend on the island. I went from being able to afford renting for a day to a weekend to a week to a month to renting for the entire summer to buying a house to now buying a house beyond even my wildest imaginations."

I'm guessing a visit to the island next summer is going to cost us a little more now that this gem has be sold for such a price tag.

We happened to find some pictures of the estate that will give you the ultimate FOMO and hopefully you keep this in mind next time you watch football with Barstool.

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In a record-breaking sale, this Nantucket estate sold to the founder of Barstool Sports media foudner.

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