I don't have to be the one to tell you that social media can be an absolute dumpster fire at times. I'm sure you're already well aware.

Sometimes all it takes is one internet troll to ruin someone's day or twist a perfectly innocent post. Unfortunately for one New Bedford mom, her son became Twitter famous but for all the wrong reasons thanks to Barstool Sports El Presidente Dave Portnoy's fanbase.

Recently, while Nicole Vieira-Baker was grocery shopping at the Dartmouth Walmart with her six-year-old son Julian, he noticed the One Bite Everybody Knows The Rules Barstool Sports frozen pizza brand and excitedly asked his mom if she would buy it for him. Of course she said yes, and she tweeted the following photo to Portnoy to show her support.

Portnoy saw the Tweet immediately and replied back exactly 60 seconds afterward with a strange yet thankful tweet to Baker with the following message:

Moments after Portnoy shared the photo of little Julian, the trolls came out of their caves, but that didn't stop Baker from clapping back in the calmest way. Basically, she killed them with kindness as she was unaware that her child appears to be uncomfortable sitting in the grocery cart with some awkward positioning.

"I honestly thought it was hilarious and wouldn’t expect anything less from Dave, but I honestly didn’t even notice the way he was sitting until (Portnoy) said something," Baker said. "I should have cropped the photo, but was more focused on how happy my son was with his pizza than the way he was sitting."

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Something as simple as the joy of a child with a box of pizza can be turned upside down so quickly, and it's 100 percent social media's fault. Sure, Portnoy didn't need to comment on what he said, but Twitter trolls are the absolute worst kind of species out there – but Baker handled it perfectly.

All in all, I'm more interested in the pizza and how it's going to taste. Baker said her son plans on testing it out on Football Sunday with a "one bite, everybody knows the rules" pizza review.

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