Like a lot of people, I spend a lot of time on the internet. I'm constantly checking email, going on Facebook of course, doing research for the morning show, and writing articles like this one. So I come across a lot of information on a daily basis.

My favorite thing that I find on the internet, by far, are the comments left on articles by random strangers. They are so entertaining to read! Sometimes the comments are horrible, mean or incredibly poorly written, but sometimes they are right on and I agree with them. Then sometimes, they are just funny or entertaining! The comments are usually like a train's really hard to turn away.

Oh and let's talk about the screen names of these random comment leavers...always the weirdest! Here's one I came across earlier today "BigOldBowlOfButts" idea why someone chose that for a screen name, but ok...

I guess the thing is with the internet, it's a gigantic forum for anyone and everyone to say exactly what they are thinking and feeling at that very moment...sometimes anonymously.

I think I enjoy reading the comments on stories though, more than the actual story sometimes...and I feel like that's sad!  Sometimes I just read the headline, skip the story entirely and go right for the comments...they are that good!

What about you?  Are you an avid internet comment reader like I am?

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