Is it really a movie theatre experience without getting a heaping box of popcorn? No, it’s not. The popcorn is mandatory, and if you like it buttery, like me, you will appreciate this life hack that my husband showed me over the weekend.

After hearing all the buzz about The Batman, we decided to head over to the cinema in the Providence Place Mall. We each ordered our own box of popcorn (I’m not good at sharing) and I noticed something right away.

“They didn’t put any butter on it,” I said to Ross, visibly disappointed.

Ross noticed a “butter bar” near the soda machine, where you could pour delicious, liquid butter over your popcorn.

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Sure, that solved the butter issue, but the whole point is to have each handful of popcorn taste like buttery heaven, and not just the top.

“Don’t worry, watch this,” said Ross.

He took a straw from the soda machine area and stuck it in the middle of the popcorn bag. Then, he raised the straw up to the butter dispenser and began filling the straw with buttery goodness. When the straw was full, he lifted the straw out of the popcorn, allowing the butter to disperse throughout the bag.

I was shook. At first, when I saw him put the straw into the bag, I thought he was crazy, but then I realized, he may actually be a genius.

It’s the little things in life that make me happy, and this movie popcorn life hack brought me such simple joy, I had to share.

Next time you go to the movie theatre, try it out for yourself. You can thank me later.

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