Candy corn is taking over the fall season and becoming the new pumpkin spice.

A fun fact about me is that I love candy corn! When it comes to the fall, it's not pumpkin spice that I look forward to, but candy corn. There aren't many types of flavored candy corn that I don't like so when came out with an entire article dedicated to different uses for the candy, of course I was super excited.  How could I not be? If you scroll through the page, there's a bunch of delicious variations.  Among the ones that I would definitely be on board to try are, candy corn Oreos, candy corn waffles and my favorite, fried candy corn. They even have a corn on the cob with the candy corn and what appears to be some kind of marshmallow in the middle.

Harris Stiffman / iStock

Plus, some adorable candy corn accessories like the candy corn manicure or a candy corn knitted hat! Now I have to admit, there is definitely one candy corn "treat" that went a little too far, and that's the Wonder bread and candy corn sandwich, complete with mayonnaise and bananas. Now that sounds disgusting!

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