Last week we spoke with ABC 6 on the Morning Talker about a fight that broke out over a woman reclining her seat. Apparently, these kinds of incidents are happening all over America.

The first fight happened when a man used a product called the Knee Defender to stop the seat in front of him from reclining. The woman took exception to the restriction, and threw water in his face, forcing the New Jersey-to-Denver flight to land in Chicago, where both passengers were booted off the plane.

Since then, two more fights over airplane seating space broke out according to ABC News. In one case, a woman lost her marbles when an older woman knitting in front of her reclined the seat, hitting her on the head. She had some choice words with the flight attendants when they tried to calm her down, and was kicked off the plane in Jacksonville, arriving at it's West Palm destination 90 minutes late.

None of the incidents were related in any way, with all three occurring on different airlines and in completely different areas of the country.

This is getting a little out of hand, no?  Each time this happens, the plane has to land and delay everyone on it...holding each passenger up.  Sure, it's annoying when someone reclines their seat and it cuts into your space, but is it worth holding up every single person on the flight?  I think not...seems somewhat selfish if you ask me.