A couple months ago, I had posted about some really strange noises...And things are just getting weirder. 

I haven't wanted to bring up these new batch of weird noises but now that it's happened more than a few times, I feel less like it was just a random occurrence.

These new noises are different from what I talked about a couple months ago - you can get the full story here. But the cliff notes version of those: I was laying in bed, still wide awake, and started to hear what I can only describe as a low vibrational hum. It lasted for 20 minutes and started to make me nauseous after a while. The next day, I talked about it on-air and then posted about it on Facebook. Several other people, all from Dartmouth and Westport, reported hearing something VERY similar at one time or another.

These new noises, which I've heard every so often for maybe the last 4 months, are different, but still unexplained and spooky. Here's what happens: Usually when I'm sitting on the couch, or laying in bed, I'll start to hear what sounds like music very far off in the distance. I can't make out what kind of music it is, only that my brain is registering something that sounds like it has some kind of rhythm or beat and words. But when I lift my head or stand up to try to figure out where the sound is coming from, it stops. Put my head down again, or sit back down, and within 30 seconds, I'll hear it again. I had told my boyfriend about it one night when it happened as I was laying in bed, but he didn't hear anything. I never told him about the other instances, or that it would stop when you lifted your head. THEN. Over the weekend, he told me that he was laying down on the couch and started to hear music...when he got up to find out where it was coming from, it stopped. He laid back down...It started again. Lifted his head...It stopped. You see the similarities.

Again, I had never told him about the 'start / stop' pattern. So I find it VERY weird that the same thing has now happened to both of us.

I'm sure there could be a really normal explanation...but I can't come up with one.

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