With Daylights Savings Time upon us this weekend, moms of young kids know it can screw up even the best sleep schedules. So here's a quick trick to getting a little more rest in the morning.

Not too long ago I needed a way to get a little more sleep in the mornings.

My almost two-year-old wasn't so happy hanging out in her bed in the A.M., but I definitely wanted a little more time in mine!

I knew that putting some toys in the crib could help, but she tossed and turned so much in her sleep I was nervous about what I was putting in with her.

So I tried this...

crib pic
Nancy Hall/TSM

I bought one of those in car organizers...the ones you hang over the back of a car seat with tons of pockets for the things in your car...and I hung it in her crib.

Then I loaded it up with books and a few smaller toys, so everything was out of the way while she slept, but within her reach for getting into once she was awake.

And it worked like a charm!

Now every morning instead of hearing her crying for me to come get her, I wake up to the sounds of my daughter talking to her stuffed animals or "reading" her books. And I get an extra 30-45 minutes to hang out in bed...it's awesome!

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