Sometimes, you just need to unplug, unwind and cuddle a goat.

There’s a unique Airbnb experience up for grabs at Hidden Brook Acres in Richmond, Rhode Island, that offers a relaxing day in their pasture, allowing for some peace, relaxation and cute mini goats.

Shannon Piermont has called Hidden Brook Acres home for 13 years. She and her family have been raising Nigerian dwarf goats for 10 years and one special request resulted in this animal experience.

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“We had someone request a visit, and they said, ‘You should really offer goat snuggles on Airbnb,’” said Piermont. “We started doing it in the fall of 2020 and it’s been a hit ever since.”

The goat snuggling session allows you to enjoy the company of dwarf goats in their beautiful pasture. It’s guaranteed relaxation in a field of cute goats.

“A lot of people that we host come from cities, and they say it’s such a big change and it’s really therapeutic to be out in the country and take in the fresh air,” said Piermont.

The sessions allow for hands-on experience with farm animals, farming and the country-living lifestyle.

“Relax with the herd under the ‘goat-zebo' or bring a blanket along and sit with goats in the pasture,” said the Airbnb listing. “Our goats really enjoy the company and might even rest on the ground with you.”

It is a fully outdoor experience, so guests should be prepared for walking and different weather conditions.

You can even B.Y.O.B. Just keep in mind that the goats are underage, so no sharing.

With a 5-star rating on Airbnb, it sounds like this experience is worth the trip, so if you are feeling stressed out or need an escape, maybe some cute goats are your answer.

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