Last week, I introduced you to 15-year-old Mattapoisett native Mikey Hogan, a Special Olympic athlete who was about to go for gold in the national Special Olympics bowling tournament.

Mikey’s father, Jim, joined Michael and Maddie Tuesday morning to share some exciting news from the tournament on Saturday.

“He did very well,” said Hogan. “He took home a gold medal.”

I would consider that “pretty well," indeed.

“It was a tough match ... the first game he actually lost. We were nervous at first,” Hogan said.

Truthfully, there was no one available in Mikey’s age bracket, so his first opponent was well into his 20s.

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The highest-recorded score for the older bracket was 515 for the total series. Mikey, however, scored a 556, so Mikey’s high scores made him eligible to play with the older competitors.

And the day took a turn for the better for Mikey’s second game.

“He won, I think it was 174 to 169 ... and then the last game he just did unbelievably,” Hogan said. “He won 194 to 158.”

In his young bowling career, Mikey already has six gold medals to his name, all hanging proudly on his bedroom wall.

Now that Mikey has a wall full of gold medals for bowling, his dad says that he’ll be switching gears to play softball for the Special Olympics in Plymouth next month, followed by the basketball leagues in Plymouth and Old Rochester.

“He’s been very excited at all the support. It’s been crazy how many people have reached out,” said Hogan. “He was very excited to hear this on the radio last week."

Congratulations, Mikey! Any day I can highlight your achievements on-air is a good day for me.

Watch Mikey receive his latest gold medal

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