Why do we love Southcoast Lemonade Day?  Watch this video for a great example.

Between all of the towns from Somerset to Mattapoisett, we must have visited nearly 100 lemonade stands across the Southcoast.  Behind each of the stands were proud kids and parents that worked together over the past few weeks to create an oasis of lemonade.  There are fewer and fewer things in our modern world that give us a reason to shut off the electronics and bond as a family on an old-fashioned project like building a lemonade stand.  But that's exactly what happened for Southcoast Lemonade Day 2018.


There was no shortage of fundraising either.  Each stand we visited had their own worthy cause that was near and dear to the children's hearts.  Jada's Lemonade (pictured right) was raising money for Cystic Fibrosis research outside of the Fairhaven Baycoast Bank for Cystic Fibrosis research.  The disorder is one that Jada knows all too well, she has been diagnosed with CF.

Outside of the Pasta House, the Lemon House girls raised $300 for the Fairhaven Animal Shelter, while "Girls Just Wanna Sell Lemonade" raised money for Fairhaven Acushnet Pop Warner Football and Cheer outside of Carefree Homes on Route 6.


I'd be lying if I didn't admit that little Ari stole my heart at "Lemon".  Her lemonade stand was set up outside of Leonard's Cutters in Fairhaven.  She was decked out in her lemon dress and headband...barefoot and running around joyfully on the patch of lawn by the entrance.  Whatever the reason each child had for participating in Lemonade Day, they each learned lessons of entrepreneurship, giving, and the value of a hard days work!  We can hardly wait til next year!

Lemonade Day 2018 is possible, thanks to our Main Squeeze Baycoast Bank, ProGroup Contracting, Frugal Franks, Sonic of Somerset, Auclair's Market, Andrew's Fruit & Produce, Top Shelf Bar & Grill and Cape Air. 

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