I took the vacation of the lifetime to Europe last week.  Here are some of the pictures that I took as I bopped around Europe with my mom.

We were able to visit London (with a day trip to Stonehenge), Amsterdam, and Paris.

We visited London Bridge, the Tower of London, and the changing of the guard in London. We took a day trip up to Salisbury to see the ancient Stonehenge.

Amsterdam was incredible (but beware of the bicyclists). Walking through Anne Frank's secret annex and seeing the very space where she wrote her world famous diary entries was sobering. We ate in Amsterdam's Food Haalen (Food Hall) and took a city tour.

Paris was the best, though. Seeing the Louvre - a palace that took 300 years to build - Versailles - which took 400 years to build - and Notre Dame Cathedral - which was built in a zippy 200 years...all just amazing.

The fashion in Paris made me realize that I dress like a slob.  The food in all 3 cities (with the exception of one scary meal) was incomparable.  Some of the best food I've ever experienced.  The lack of Sprite was tough, though.

We went through some of my photos this morning and tried to pick out the best of the best.


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