I've been working out at Crossfit Dartmouth for nearly two years.  I've really enjoyed watching the progress with my workouts, but the one area I have not been able to manage is my diet.  With my busy schedule on the Rock and Fox show, I just didn't have the time.  Altering the way I workout was fun and easy, but trying to change the way I eat was a much more complicated task.  Eating healthy is very time consuming.  It is difficult to eat healthy without a ton of planning.  Going to the grocery store, buying all the healthy foods, coming home and preparing it, and then...FINALLY...sitting down and eating it.  It is hard.

With the busy schedules of people who live and work here in America, I believe this to be the future of eating.

I have finally found my solution.  It's a whole new concept for eating and ordering food.  From the founders of The Healthy Grill in Dartmouth, Clean Eats Delivery allows busy, working people here on the Southcoast to enjoy healthy food.  Ordering is as easy as going onto cleaneatsdelivery.com and picking out your favorite meals for the week.  Your balanced meals will be prepared for you and delivered right to your door (at home or at work).  You can order your meals week to week with NO COMMITMENT.  The entire menu is gluten free.  The meals come ready to "heat and eat"...and they are AFFORDABLE! Just $10 a meal.

With the busy schedules of people who live and work in America, I believe this to be the future of eating.  Everything in our lives is planned...but eating.  We live in a fast paced, instant gratification world.  If you're like me, you sacrifice so much time at your job that you feel you deserve to enjoy your precious time off with your friends and family.  Clean Eats Delivery gives health conscious people their free time back!  You won't have to spend your free time constantly prepping your next healthy meal.

In addition to providing fresh, healthy meals to people on the go, Clean Eats Delivery can help you get started with a free diet consultation that will teach you about how, when and what to eat.  They even measured my metabolism.  Watch the video here.

I've often said that Hollywood celebs have it easy.  Most of them have their personal chefs that plop down a perfectly balanced meal prepared specifically for their nutritional needs.  Last week, the Boston Globe spotlighted the personal chef of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen.  If only I had my own personal chef, I thought, it would be so much easier to eat healthy. Clean Eats Delivery is like having a personal chef feeding you healthy food whenever you want it. They are a key component to my Health Revolution 2016 campaign!