For a few years now, guys with beards have been a thing, a trend if you will. The question is this: will this trend see an end or are beards here to stay?

Our favorite bearded New England Patriot is/was (depending on the month) would be Julian Edelman, of course. Did I just decide that or is it the general consensus? Maybe that was me just saying he's my favorite dude with a beard.

I came across an article about how new research shows that beards have more bacteria and germs than dogs do. Do you believe this? Student Problems had a good article on the subject. What's crazy is that the guys featured in this article have pretty clean-looking beards. They look like they are very well kept, clean and brushed neatly. So why so dirty and germy?

The study was done by Professor Andreas Gutzeit of Switzerland’s Hirslanden Clinic. It found that bearded men between the ages of 18 and 76 showed to have high microbial counts, but only 23 out of 30 dogs had high counts. The remainder had moderate levels. Seven of these men were found to be harboring microbes that were a threat to human health. Yikes!

What's your opinion? Do you think beards are here to stay, or on their way out? Take our poll.

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