Congratulations to FUN 107's SouthCoast Teacher of the Month for May 2019! Thank you to our sponsor, ProGroup Contracting for helping to make this school classroom even better.

Mrs. Isaksen is a Pre-K teacher at East Freetown Elementary who received amazing nominations for the SouthCoast Teacher of the Month Contest in May. Needless to say, our sponsor ProGroup Contracting was seriously impressed after reading about all the wonderful work she's done. She was the obvious choice for this month's award, which contained many supplies for her class to enjoy, as well as an Electronic Dream Basket. It was filled with several devices to make her beloved classroom even better for her students.

One of her students parents submitted this nomination letter about Mrs. Isaksen to Fun 107:

"When my son started pre-k, he couldn't even speak. He stopped speaking at 18 months. He was born at St Luke's and was in the NICU unit for some time. He came home with a nurse and has always been a blessing. He was diagnosed with SPD. He started pre-k when he was 3 as a recommendation from early intervention. Mrs. Isaksen took him under her wing and she took our whole family under her wing. What we didn't know was his dad got diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer within his first weeks of pre-k, his baby brother just 3 months old. We were in utter shock. Mrs. Isaksen helped us thru 3 years of pure hell. My son saw his dad go from a strong man to a very frail sick man. The thing that didn't change during this was Mrs. Isaksen. She was our backbone to keep us pushing forward and never let us give up. When Dylan started, he didn't speak. Now he has returned to her class to read to his little brother. Mrs. Isaksen made sure Dylan could read to his brother’s pre-k class......bittersweet. She's taught my whole family so much in the last five years and she's helped us through our darkest days. This June, my youngest graduates the program. This June, we walk away from a teacher who made a difference. Please pick her!!! She deserves so much......I could go on and on about her. Please pick her!!!"

Another parent wrote:

"She's the best person & teacher! Please pick her! We only have 1 month left together after 5 years...Both of my sons have had her! She's amazing!"

Congratulations to Mrs. Isaksen and everyone over at East Freetown Elementary who work so hard each and every day to make a fun learning environment for all our kids.

If your child’s teacher is one of those amazing human beings that goes above and beyond for their students and deserves some recognition this year, click HERE to nominate him or her for the Teacher of the Month award. They may be as lucky as Mrs. Isaksen.

Let’s show our teachers some love for working so hard for our kids.

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