Parents in one Massachusetts town think students need more time to play and are looking to increase recess at local schools.

According to Fox 25, a group calling itself "Current and Future Parents of Hopkinton Public Schools" is hoping their petition will increase recess time for students from the current 15 minutes to possibly 30 minutes, maybe even up to 54 minutes.

The petition already has more than 300 signatures and Ashland parents are also said to be looking to allow for more recess time in their children's day as well.

The argument for longer recess is that they simply feel the kids need more time to blow off steam.Supporters say recess allows children to relieve stress, get more physical activity and makes for a better learning environment.

Currently in Massachusetts, recess is a mere 15 minutes to allow for more academics.

So would you like to see recess time at your child's school increase as well? Think your little one needs time to blow of steam during the school day?

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