The restaurant industry has been hit with some serious challenges this year and has been faced with a lot of financial hardship, but on Wednesday, the staff at Brewer’s Tap and Table in Waltham were all smiles and left speechless after a group of regulars left a very generous tip of $700.

As a former waitress for 10 years, I understand the ups and downs of the service industry. Some days are certainly better than others, but every shift is a grind to earn your money. My heart goes out to the restaurant industry this year due to the unpredictable obstacles that 2020 has brought to it.

People who have never worked in the restaurant industry can sometimes overlook just how hard it is to be a waitress, cook, bartender, etc., and will never truly understand the impact of a tip. However, it’s people like the ones that went to Brewer’s Tap and Table on Wednesday that understand the current struggle of this industry and the number of tireless hours these staff members put in. They wanted to make sure that their hard work did not go unnoticed.

The taphouse shared on Facebook that some of their generous regulars left a $700 tip on their bill, explaining that “our staff was shocked and humbled.”

They went on to say, “We cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us throughout this pandemic. We are here for you and will continue to be here for this community as we navigate cooler weather.”

There are good-hearted people in this world and I commend those generous regulars for doing what they could to make a difference during a very difficult time.

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