How does longer days of sunshine sound? Well Massachusetts might be able to make this happen!

The plan is to mimic the Caribbean and Puerto Rico as well as parts of Canada by switching from the Eastern Time Zone to Atlantic Time Zone.

According to CBS, before any of this goes down, the state must launch a series of studies and tests involving an economic and health overview on the effects of Time Zone change. This is merely step one of the long drawn out process.

Step two puts these suggestive studies to test and will be recorded for the next two years.

The sun sets earlier in parts of New England, such as Massachusetts, resulting in a loss of daylight. The solution is to move the clocks forward an hour until overtime, the sun catches up and allows an extra hour of extra daylight.

This plan came together through an opinionated piece submitted to the Boston Globe by a local resident by the name of Tom Emswiller.

Not everyone is on board with this proposition however... Parents are coming off a little skeptical and worried about their children waiting for the bus in the morning in the dark in fear of potential danger.

Emswiller disagrees and says that the change could possibly diminish the amount of crimes by adding more sunlight to the end of the day.

Although the back and fourths of this situation are expected to be a constant counter-force, only the studies can truly divide the thin line of approval.

Lastly, reguardless of what time of day it is or the amount of sunlight/darkness we embrace... Our bodies will learn to adjust. It's not the end of the world, people, it's an extra hour of sunlight and if the positives outwiegh the problematic scenarios, then I say go with it.

In the mean time, I’ll be standing by with my watch in my hand, both in anticipation and curiosity.

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