If Massachusetts follows this national trend, junk food sales are expected to soar now that recreational marijuana use has been legalized.

We've all heard the jokes about marijuana and getting the munchies. In case you were wondering, it appears that there is, in fact, a link to craving junk food and smoking marijuana (at least when it comes to sales).

According to marketwatch.com, in states that have legalized recreational marijuana use, there has been a significant spike in junk food and fast food consumption.

Specifically, chip sales increased 5.3%, while cookie sales climbed 4.1% and ice cream purchases increased 3.1% in the aftermath of legalization. --Marketwatch.com

Now that Massachusetts has opened retail marijuana stores, if the trend continues, we can expect to see a jump. Now would be a good time to take stock in Country Whip, The Donut Factory or Palace Pizza. If the trend is proven to be true they are going to be in for one of their busiest summers yet.

This also may invite people to be a little judgy at Market Basket. You think you might know someone, then you see them with a few bags of Cool Ranch Doritos in aisle 5 and you may start making presumptions.

I guess it should have been a logical conclusion that legalizing marijuana might also surge a different segment of the local economy.

It remains to be seen what other unintended consequences might be a byproduct of legalization.