Does anyone else look for their dream houses on Zillow every once in a while, or is that just me? Either way, on my latest scroll through houses on the market, I came across a house that had me doing a double-take at the price.

This home listing appeared to be the cheapest house in Massachusetts and seemed like it was too good to be true – because, as it turns out, it was.

In November of last year, this European-style penthouse suite commercial office in Worcester was originally on the market for rent at $2,500, but as of January 31, it’s for sale at the same price.


That's $2,500 for a three-bedroom home. That’s approximately $14 dollars a month. Let me quickly pick up my jaw from the floor.

The overview on Zillow boasts about the “gorgeous kitchen with stainless steel appliances, shining hardwood floors, and large open concept.” The listing shows it has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a two-car driveaway. It mentions heavy traffic by UMass, which could be useful if a buyer is looking to turn the space into an office.

Except for one thing: it's not actually for sale.

We reached out to the realtor to inquire about this listing, because we wanted to verify it wasn't some kind of mistake. It turns out, not only is it an error, but the realtor didn't even know it was listed for sale or at that price.

As it turns out, the home was never for sale. It was solely a rental at $2,500 per month. But it's off the market now, because in December, realtor Karynsue Marchione-Reilly rented it to a family that was displaced by fire; in fact, both that house and the one next door to it were rented to victims of the same fire, she said.

Marchione-Reilly said that Zillow recently stopped posting rentals that come over from the MLS listing site, instead wanting to be paid to feature rentals on its site. So apparently something screwy happened with Zillow to have it listed as for sale, and at such a low price.

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