Until you have to make room for a new baby, you don't realize how much room they really need. It's incredible.

We just took on a major renovation at our house. We knocked down a wall to open up the floor plan in order to not lose a family dining area because a baby has so much stuff. Now, this is not our first baby. So we were smart enough to save all of our first son's items and clothing knowing that a second boy might be a possibility. Most of that stuff has been in storage for 2 years or so now that John is 3 1/2.

The good thing about having a second child of the same gender is how much you can save by not having to re-buy everything. For a second baby, especially of the same gender, there is no shower. The only thing we had to purchase was a new nursery set of furniture.

Larry Soares, TSM

So here's my advice if you are planning to have more than one child.  Shoot for items that are gender neutral in colors. Highchairs, bath tubs, swings, play mats, pack-n-plays, etc take up a lot of room, but take care of the items and hang on to them. You can save yourself a lot of money. As far as clothing goes, that you can't really avoid. Also, if the babies are born in different seasons, you may have winter clothes for the wrong size and vice versa. Living in New England though, our winters are so long that really the only season you may need to completely wardrobe if this happens, is summer.