I saw this photo of my husband last night on Facebook, and I will honestly say, I found it kind of creepy.

It's a 3-D print out of my husband from a 3-D scanner! I knew he had a 3-D printer at work, because he's told me about it before and said that he has played around with it, making silly things just to try it out.

Then yesterday he told me he did a 3-D scan of himself and put it up on FB for everyone to check out! It's kind of cool, in a weird way, but more creepy than anything else I think. Michael and Larry were wondering about it too, and they asked me about it on the air today. I really know nothing about 3-D printing, so we called Matt and had him tell us a bit about it.

He said he had his boss scan him, and then magically about 20 minutes later, a 3-D print out made with some rubbery plastic substance emerged in the shape of my husband. I asked him why the scan made him look bald and cone-head shaped. He said, "That's because it didn't get a clean scan of my head (it didn't go above me) so I rendered the rest of my head in the software." Not sure what that really means, but ok.

Michael wants to have a mini 3-D version of himself made with the printer. I thought it might be fun to get a 3-D version of one of my cats, especially Frances Jay, because we hardly see her since she hides all the time. For myself though, not interested in seeing the 3-D scanned version of myself...it's too creepy!


So my husband put up another photo of the 3-D figure...and turns out, it's not very big at all!  He called it a "Mini Me"...I think the creepy part was that I thought the 3-D scan was life size!  Now that I know it's not, it's a bit less creepy...see for yourself below:

Loren Petisce/TSM
Loren Petisce/TSM

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