Before you write it off as a crazy idea, please know that there are hundreds of video rental stores in the country that still do very well.Thanks to easy to use services like Red Box and Netflix, those old Blockbuster and Hollywood Video stores have all but disappeared. Yet there are other companies such as Family Video that are thriving. They have over 730 stores in 19 states. However, the closest ones to New England are in New York and Pennsylvania.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

When I recently lived in upstate New York, there was a video rental store nearby. It had been years since I had roamed the aisles looking for the right movies for the evening or a snowy weekend. It's actually an enjoyable, nostalgic experience. The selection of movies was huge, and the prices of rentals very reasonable. Some of the classic movies were as low as $2 for five nights.

Moving back to the Southcoast, I was disappointed to see that the Premier Video Store in the North End of New Bedford has closed. I do understand there is a store called Bedford Street Video in Fall River that is still up and running. But soon, there will be a generation of movie-watchers that will have never had the experience of browsing the aisles of a video store looking for that perfect one.

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