Here on the Southcoast, I either meet people or hear of those who are planning a visit to Portugal.  If you or someone you know has a Portuguese getaway in your future, here are some things "not to do,"  according to

-Don't count your calories. Once you're there, the dishes are just too awesome to avoid. To get the most out of your vacation in Portugal, you must take advantage of the food.

-Avoid the tourist restaurants.  These are the ones that advertise authentic Portuguese cuisine. The website suggests asking locals or relatives who live there which restaurants are the real thing.

-Don't skip the wines.  As you may know, Portugal is famous for its wines. While in Portugal, do as the Portuguese and try as many different wines as possible.

-Leave your high heels at home. You've crossed the cobblestone streets in downtown New Bedford. There are miles and miles of those in cities like Lisbon. No place for high heels.

-Don't go during the summer.  Late June, July and August in Portugal are not only hot and dry, they are crowded with other tourists.

-Don't skip a visit to Coimbra.  This city is said to be the most beautiful and charming old-world cities in all of Europe. If you have time, spend a couple of days in Coimbra.

-Avoid the overpriced Fado shows. There are supposedly places that offer dinner and a Fado show that overcharge for a bad experience. Ask the locals which ones are worth taking in.

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