Last year was Lemonade Day Southcoast's fourth year operating, our first time expanding into the Greater New Bedford region and in and the first year that we had multiple parents let us know how much fun (and learning!) participating was. 

Thanks again to our Main Squeeze, BayCoast Bank, we'll again host Lemonade Day Southcoast on Saturday, May 4th, 2019.  Here are our three favorite testimonials from last year's Lemonade Day that we hope will inspire you, your family, or your business to get involved.

2018 Lemonade Day (93)

Thank you for having this! The girls did so good and brought awareness to the need for animal oxygen masks. They saw a video of how over 40,000 pets die not from the fires but from smoke inhalation because human masks are too big. They spoke to some firefighters who have used the masks to save furry friends and expressed the need for them for every fire truck so they made it their cause. They will continue to raise money and awareness.  – Tanya Cavalcanti, mom



2018 Lemonade Day (5)

We had a visit from a senator, the whole station 11 firefighters and more. The experience was breathtaking. We had a local business reach to us yesterday saying how much they loved the cause & etc. & they want my children to setup their lemonade stand at their next event. The kids are super excited 😁!  - Kervyn, Jada Garcia on kids London & Alecka

Lemonade Day Squeeze the Day Stand

My children had a lemonade stand yesterday called Squeeze the Day, it was located on Acushnet Ave. They had so many cars, bikes, and even 18 wheelers stop by. Including Gazelle and 2018 Miss Southcoast. My children had set a goal to raise at least $200 for my son's 7-year-old friend Tyrese and his dad. At the age of 7, Tyrese had suffered from 11 strokes, many seizures and just had one of his lungs removed in April.

My son loves his best friend and asked if he could give him his lung. I explained how he was unable to donate his lung, but we could find another way. My sister heard of Lemonade day and signed us up. I honestly thought we may raise only like $40 and I would sneak in some more money because my son was so excited to do this for his friend. With so many people in this city stopping by to support all the kids in New Bedford, my son was able to raise $440. I thought my son may ask to keep some of the money, but he was overjoyed with the amount he raised and wanted to rush it over to his friend's house.

When he delivered the money with a bright smile it soon turned to tears because his friend and dad was so thankful and cried, that my son couldn't hold back his tears. As we left my son said, "Mommy and daddy it feels so good to help someone!" 

We thank you all at Fun 107 and BayCoast Bank for supporting this day for all the children in SouthCoast. We also would love to thank everyone within the city who stopped by. This day has taught my children so much from running a business to managing money, and help others in need. Our children are our future we need more events like Lemonade day to shape our children into extraordinary children

- Chantell Baptista, on son Jamari, age 7

LD 2019

Lemonade Day Southcoast licensing, intellectual property, and programming is made possible thanks to our 2019 partners, including BayCoast Bank, ProGroup Contracting, Andrews Fruit & Produce, Frugal Franks, SOnic of Somerset, and Auclair's Market.

To become a corporate sponsor of Lemonade Day Southcoast 2019, please contact the Lemonade Day Southcoast City Director at 774-762-4261 or by emailing


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