Miley Cyrus said weeks before the AMA Awards that her performance would be dedicated to her birthday, and it would be something special. Boy, was it anything but that.

Am I just out of the cool club altogether? Am I not getting Miley Cyrus' coolness? I guess not. Closing out this year's AMA Awards, she sang onstage with a lip syncing cat, and got emotional at one point. Um, okay.

I've saved this moment for the AMAs since it's going to be such a cool day. People are going to talk about it for, I feel, like a different reason. It's going to be more about the content that we've created. It's going to be cool, beautiful, and modern.

I honestly think she was crying because she finally figured out what she has been doing to the many people listening to her music, and she felt bad.

Giving her performance the benefit of the doubt. I decided to record my reaction to her singing, "Wrecking Ball."