If you have a dog or have ever been tasked with dog sitting, you can probably relate to the struggle of dealing with a dog that has separation anxiety.

Just like humans, dogs can feel anxious about the people close to them leaving them for long periods of time.

I'm dog sitting this week and I feel like maybe this is what a mother of a newborn might feel like: waking up in the middle of the night to whimpers wanting to go outside, picking up messes from the dog getting sick, not eating when they usually do and when they eat, it's not nearly enough.

Granted, it was just the first night since Lexi's family went away to the Cape for a little vacation so she is a little emotionally distraught, but I'm hoping that I'm doing what I can to make it easier on her.

Other than making sure I'm the ready cuddle buddy and letting her go outside whenever she wants, I'm not sure what else I can do.

I have been told this kind of emotional stress is normal for a dog, especially since her owners have been home more of the past few months.

I guess I'm at a loss, though. What more can I do? Am I doing something that's putting this pup even more on edge than is necessary?

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