As we start to possibly see a small light at the end of the tunnel and businesses start to organize and transform into what will be the new normal when they are allowed to open, we need to set our expectations.

Having talked to some local businesses – mostly hair salons and restaurants – I'm hearing there are s few more steps than we thought to open under the new normal.

Obviously, once we are allowed to go out and open up it's understood the risk we will all be taking; however, businesses are preparing to protect themselves and I'm not just talking about masks and hand sanitizer.

Some businesses are taking it one step further and are getting release forms prepared from their lawyers.

Imagine before you enter a restaurant or hair salon, you may have to sign a release stating that you understand the risks. Basically, if you get sick and you think it's the business's fault, you won't be able to sue the establishment.

Some businesses may be putting up a sign right as you enter that will explain that you are assuming the risk by walking in. A reminder that we absolutely need to support our local businesses as they continue to go the extra mile.

I'm totally fine with having to sign whatever. I have a feeling not everyone will feel the same, though.

What do you think? Would you be ok with signing a release form before entering your favorite restaurant?

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