I wasn't trying to bring up the coronavirus in the She Shed, but once it was on the table, I wanted to hear what new moms had to think about when it comes to protecting their children.

There are some very strong viewpoints on what's going on around the world right now and many people have their beliefs on what they should do to protect and prepare themselves for the worst.

I know moms, especially new moms, tend to be a little more on the protective side when it comes to their children. So what are the moms in the She Shed doing to protect their children? Take a listen to this week's edition to find out. I also put my two cents in.

I don't want to make light of what's going on with this virus. It's absolutely something we should all take seriously. We just want to be so careful of misinformation and only do what we can with what we know.

As you have heard many times, it's super important to use common sense as well as common techniques to staying healthy. It's now more important than ever.

I was surprised at the moms' response, as I did think they would be the first to be more concerned with it than those without children.

I'd love to know what you are doing to maintain normalcy while also protecting yourself. It appears there are many creative things that both individuals and companies are doing to guard again the virus. Share them with us.

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