wrecking ball

JR Can Sing
This morning we talked about how most people sing in the car, well except for J.R. He said he never sings in the car because he doesn't like his singing voice, so we decided to see if that was the case.
Miley Face-Off
Seeing Nicolas Cage as Miley Cyrus is one thing, but seeing the great New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on a wrecking ball is just a little bit disturbing. But, that sort of thing now exists because of the wonderful gift that we like to call internet. Enjoy!
"Wrecking Ball" Cover
Miley Cyrus fans are all about her new single "Wrecking Ball", but will they also enjoy covers of her song in a totally different genre? The famous Gregory Brothers have decided to put their touch on the song, and no not autotuned. They have redone "Wrecking Ball"…

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