Tom Cruise, Ruben Studdard, and Luke Bryan walk into a bar.

What do these three famous celebrities have in common, other than the obvious fact that they're all men? Well, these are actors, singers and songwriters who have swooned my mother at least once via television.

While sitting on my parents couch one day, Studdard was singing on American Idol while my parents were lounging in their chairs. As he began to sing "Flying Without Wings," it was clear that the ladies were digging his smooth buttermilk vocals.

"Sing to me, baby!" my mother shouted at the television.

Both my father and I turned to her and noticed she was smiling from ear to ear, thoroughly enjoying the performance.

If that wasn't awkward enough, just the other day while I was practicing on my guitar with my brother, she asked me if I knew any Luke Bryan songs. I replied quickly with a firm "no."

"I loovvvveeeee Luke Bryan," my mother said softly. "I would leave Dad for him."

Ummm... what? Awkward!

But this wasn't the first time she's talked about celebrity men. She also mentioned the popular Tom Cruise a while back as well.

So it had me thinking, who are the guys the married or taken women of the SouthCoast are digging these days? I decided to create a poll below, just for fun (of course this is nothing serious, no home-wrecking please). The poll includes different categories of men who are either famous, popular or simply loaded with cash.

Ladies, the choice is yours. Choose wisely:

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