Do you remember when Kesha was the "party girl?" It's been a minute since we heard that "Tik Tok sound" from our girl.

Kesha has had a pretty tough few years and it's all been very public for her. There have been lots of issues with her record label and some powerful men that were involved in her career early on.

We have been hearing from Kesha's record label that new music was coming for a little while now. They told us the "old Kesha" is back, setting the bar really high for us so we had high expectations for this song.

She released "Raising Hell" on Thursday, which was National Domestic Violence Awareness Day. I'm pretty sure that was on purpose. Although the song doesn't touch on the subject matter, I think this was a song for Kesha to tell the world I'm doing ok and I'm back to raise some hell.

Big Freedie jumps on the song too and really gets us moving. I'm confident you will hear the Kesha we remember in this one. If you missed me playing it on the air, take a listen now. The music video is quite entertaining, we get to see Kesha party again:

I was blasting this in the Fun 107 studio. Pretty sure our news room hated me blaring Kesha while they were trying to report important local news.

I'm thinking this is a Fun 107 song. However, you are the boss. So what do you think of the new Kesha? Is it wicked good, add it to the playlist, or totally whack, please don't play it again?

Vote now and then raise some hell this weekend for Halloween.

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