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Facebook makes some pretty poignant observations about Gen X's money, rapper B.o.B truly believes the earth is flat and Kesha MAY be able to record new music after today!
Kesha Files Lawsuit
TMZ is reporting that Kesha is suing her producer Dr. Luke, claiming he abused her sexually, physically, verbally and emotionally for the past 10 years.
Kesha in Rehab
Demi Lovato, who embraced her issues and embarked on a campaign trail to help others facing similar addiction and self-harm issues after leaving rehab in 2010, has Kesha's back.
Kesha Adopts a Kitten [PHOTOS]
Kesha has added a new 'Animal' to her fanbase -- literally.
The glitter-loving singer, who is a Global Ambassador for the Humane Society, recently rescued an adorable male kitten and adopted him as her own.
Miley Hits Miami
Miley Cyrus is still trying to get back to twerk. The starlet hit up the party scene in Miami dressed like Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman' and couldn't have been prouder of it.

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