With the Summer almost upon us,all of us females are looking into what's the newest summer fashion trends and earlier in the week Katy Perry was hanging out with the Smurfs to promote the new 'Smurfs 2' movie which she plays in as a Smurfette and wearing one of the hottest new summer accessories trend.

As you can see in the picture above Katy Perry is always on top of whats new and hot in fashion starting from her hair and ending down to her toes so of course she would be up to date with the newest hot accessory to have for the summer,the flower halo,which you can buy the one that Katy Perry is beautifully wearing at ThatMadonnaGirl.

Katy Perry uses The Jane flower halo to add a fun touch to her glamours 50's styled blue lace dress by Monique Lhuillier but my personal favorite That Madonna Girl halo is The Christa..You can also see from the below picture that Paris Hilton is too in love with the That Maddonna Girl flower halo's as she wears.

The Adrianna during the Coachella music festival last week,but Katy Perry and Paris Hilton are just two names on the list of celebrities loving this look,also Lindsay Lohan and Danielle Jonas have been seen wearing a That Madonna Girl Halo so ladies this is me telling you to jump on this trend bus now before you get let behind.

instagram/that madonna girl
instagram/that madonna girl

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