paris hilton

BCC Computer Hacker Facing New Charges is reporting that the same BCC student who was charged with hacking Paris Hilton's phone back in 2005 is now facing some new charges.  He's been accused of channeling his inner Ferris Bueller and hacking BCC's computer system to change his grades and the grades of two other students.
No Thanks
Yes, you heard me correctly. God help us..or is he the one man who could usher Paris to music stardom. Personally, I think they are hooking up, and that's a part of the deal.
Katy's Style
With the Summer almost upon us,all of us females are looking into what's the newest summer fashion trends and earlier in the week Katy Perry was hanging out with the Smurfs to promote the new 'Smurfs 2' movie which she plays in as a Smurfette and wearing one of the hottest new summer …
Still trashy
Paris Hilton, determined at 32 to look like she's going on 17 with a fake ID, partied on her birthday with her 21-year-old boyfriend (and possible fiance). And also with her parents.
Oh, and she spent a little time on the floor. Classy!