As we get to know our interns more and more on the FUN Morning Show, we also find out some interesting, odd, and quirky things about them.  What we learned about Kara the Intern this morning is by far the strangest.

Kara, our crazy intern from Salve Regina University, shared with us that she has had some paranormal experiences at her school and even communicated with one of the entities.

She told us how the dorms at her school are converted mansions and many are rumored to be haunted.  She has researched one of the myths, learning the name of one of the ghosts, and how and where she had passed.

Kara and a few of her classmates decided to perform a Ghost Adventures-like investigation and the results were out of this world.  She even said that she and her friends were able to get the spirit to turn on a flashlight for them and that the ghost even spoke to her a couple days later.

Listen to the audio from Tuesday morning's show to hear all about Kara's shocking encounter. What was the Ghostbusters' number again?