In the spirit of all good and messy break-ups, Justin Bieber has reportedly made it part of his contract for any photo shoots that no Selena Gomez music be played.

TMZ claims to have gotten a hold of Justin's "rider" -- list of demands -- for his shoots, and along with a lengthy list of stuff he needs to have is an order banning Selena music from the set. Orders of "do not speak to talent" and "no autographs" also made their way onto the rider.

But just because bans his ex's music doesn't mean he doesn't demand other things; three boomboxes, and iPhone 5, white tank tops, Swedish Fish, Ritz Bits Peanut Butter sandwiches and Haribo Cola gummies are apparently necessities for the Biebs on any given shoot.

He might not like Selena's music but he sure seems to like candy.