I've been to 10 weddings and have been a part of most of them over the last two years. From all those weddings I've learned which special moments stand out and make that big day so outstanding.

My wedding stats are crazy. I've been to 10, been in 5, performed in 5, was best man for 2 and officiated 1. Needless to say I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly, but let's stick to the good. When you're wedding day comes it should be magic. It's one of the biggest days of your life after all! It also can go by in the blink of an eye, so here are my top 5 moments that you should make sure you really drink in on the big day!

5. The Ceremony


Not all occasions start with the main event, but weddings do! Everyone is there to see you get married! The thing is, you may not realize how quickly the ceremony can go. The ceremony is usually at most, what, and hour? That's just one hour out of a full day of celebrations, yet it's the most important part.

Too many people worry about getting their vows right, or looking good. Maybe you're worried someone forgot the rings. Just relax. If there's a misstep in the ceremony it's just going to add to the charm of the moment. Live right there in that moment as long as you can. You're committing to a lifetime with your best friend. Enjoy this time with them. You're both taking your first step towards a beautiful future together.

4. The Bridal Party Pictures.


The big moment has passed and now you get a little time with your closest friends and family in the wedding party. Maybe you get to goof off a bit for the pictures with the groomsmen or bridesmaids. Maybe it's just formal photos with your mom and dad. Either way, you get some time with the people you love most to start the celebration.

Your parents and your siblings will probably shed a tear or two. There will be lots of hugs and lots of laughs. You get to decompress a little and shake off that nervousness you felt! You did it! You're married! Plus, you basically get to be a part of a professional photo shoot on a day when you're looking super fly! Enjoy it and let loose. These pictures will represent all the fun that happened on the big day, so don't be shy!

3. The Best Man/Maid of Honor Speeches


You picked them for a reason. It's your best friend, your brother, your sister, or even a parent. One way or another this person is your right hand man/woman. You're close. They've been by your side throughout this entire process! Now they get to speak to you and everyone about how special you are to them and how happy they are for you. As someone who's done two I can say it's never easy to get through it without a tear. Listen to them. It's evidence that no matter what happens, you and your spouse have people you can rely on.

Now, let's be honest here. Some speeches are good and some, well, aren't. No matter the quality of speech, remember that they probably thought a long time about how to find the right words and their entire intention is to simply express support and love!

PS. if you're worried about the speeches send your best man or maid of honor to this article where Gazelle explains how to go about doing it the right way!

2. The First Dance


You thought the ceremony went by fast!?  The first dance is very similar and goes by MUCH quicker. It's another moment where it's just for the two of you. You're closer and holding each other. In a lot of ways this might be one of the most intimate moments of your entire day! (even with all the people standing around watching.)

Think of that scene for a second. There's a song playing that you've both selected to represent your love for one another. The only person in the world that you need to think about in that moment is the person you're dancing with. It's a moment you can never recreate or experience again. It's a few minutes where you and the love of your life should feel like the only two people on earth.

Let it be known though, that not everyone has a romantic slow dance as a first dance! Sometimes you cut lose and shake that thang! You might even end up surrounded by your annoyingly pushy wedding party like we did in the picture above. If that's what works for you two that's awesome! The moment is still just as remarkable!

1. The Unexpected Surprises


There are always little things you weren't ready for. They could be something small, like kind words from a family member. Maybe it's just little laughs and moments with your better half. It can also be something big! My friends and I always do a little Backstreet Boys performance at our friends' weddings. There was even an Anchorman inspired "Afternoon Delight," sing-a-long during one of my Best Man speeches. These unexpected little things can make all the difference. It's what makes your day unique. When you think back to this day years later these moments will be the ones that remind you how special everything truly was.

Oh and if you want to see some of the ridiculous BSB performances, here's the last couple:

Your wedding day takes a lot of work. You'll search for the right dress, the right colors. You'll have to explore a number of venues before you find the perfect one. But never forget, that this day is special. It'll be full of moments you'll never forget. Make sure you take the time to appreciate them and most importantly, HAVE FUN.

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