Looking for a nice, fun loving, family dog? We may have the solution for you! Check out this month's Pet of the Month!

TSM/Jathan Fink
TSM/Jathan Fink

Meet Diesel, a five-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier, currently staying at the Fairhaven Animal Shelter after his previous owner no longer had the accommodations for him.

Diesel is a fun-loving, brave and kind-hearted dog who loves to play fetch! And don't let his size intimidate you! He's a teddy bear at heart and would make a great pet for anyone at any age!

He previously lived with an elderly lady and a pekinese, so you know he's a gently giant!

It seems to me, Diesel would make a great pet for anyone and he would love to be a part of someone's family, so let him be a part of yours!

Call the Fairhaven Animal Shelter today at 508 979 4028 and bring Diesel home!


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